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Dating someone who is separated

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Amazing the double standard, isn't it? LH's ex got pregnant by another man while they were separated early on but when he and I started seeing each other, she tried all sorts of things to get between us. Nightmare.

Captains wife:
Been down this path so I can empathize. It's worse with bad divorces, unreasonable exes and small children. It's great you recognize that he needs more time with his kids- my NG didn't get much time at beginning and it weighed on him. Now he's 50/50 and I can see he's happier, even though we are both a little sad we can't see each other as much. I am keeping as far away from NGs ex as I can - she's very nosy and needs to try and control every situation. It's best (and much better for the kids) if the parents can amicably coparent but unf (as I'm realizing) this is the exception rather than the norm. I dated a guy last summer who did coparent well and it made my relationship with him much easier! (Too bad he turned out to be a jerk though : )

Aw rats, Captains -- good coparenter but jerk NG? Who'da thunk  :-[ Oh, the books we could all write together ...


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