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Has anyone runaway? Did it help?

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Yes I could buy a smaller place when I returned, and while I am gone my sisters, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law all live in town and have rooms for my sons to stay in or places to visit for home cooked meals and family time. And with my youngest 500 miles away I have found that FaceTime video conferencing is great for staying in touch with him, that same tech makes staying in touch on a long extended trip much easier.

I think I really want to do it, I am just second guessing myself because it would be a very big step and I want make sure I am making the choice from a good place.

And this last year riding on a bike has been my safe space. I have done several smaller rides the last being biking from Lansing Mi to the UP over 5 days. There is a real freedom in your only responsibility being to get up, bike 100 miles and enjoy a beer at the end of the day.

Kind of a rambling response but there you go.

Sounds like a reasonable plan. If you do the entire year that's great. If you decide it's not what you expected you can always return and pick up on the plans you had for the year's end.

If you make it to Colorado, I'll be your tour guide through our mountains.


I wish I had your adventurous spirit, I say go for it!  It sounds like you have put real thought into this, not just whim. Maybe you could keep a written or video journal and share your journey. 

Do it. I would do it if I had the freedom. As it is, I probably will in a few years when my youngest graduates.


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