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And now I'm older than he got to be.

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And I don't know why this one is so much harder.

 Our birthdays are 4 days apart.  So really on his last birthday I was already on this planet longer than he was.  But now I"m officially older than he got to be.  How is that even possible? And even worse...and I get it...how others don't see why this is a thing...but it's a thing...a huge thing to me.

I shouldn't be older than he got to be.

MK they don't get it if they haven't been through this.  I get it.  It was huge to me when I became older than DH a couple of yrs ago.  It just was surreal to me.

It is a weird feeling. I was three years younger than DH, now I'm three years older than he ever got to be. He'll forever be 39.

I guess this is one widow thing I get to skip, since I married someone younger than me. When he died, he was 18 months younger. Now, he's 7 years younger than me. Death math is so discombobulating sometimes!

First Widow:
I was only 11 months younger than my husband and it was hard.  Even this year being 2 years older was bittersweet.  (((hugs)))


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