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Michelle took her last breath seven years ago today, which was a Sunday.  I am wishing she was here to cuddle with the fresh snow chill in the air.  It was 50F yesterday, so the snow is a sharp transition here.  It's beautiful, I must say.

Even more, I wish Michelle was here to help with the girls.  They are both not doing what would be best for themselves in grade 11.  For the easy daughter, what should be an A grade in music is an F because she missed a playing test and has not gotten it together to make it up with a VERY gracious teacher.  The harder daughter is too often skipping classes, missing the bus, and letting us down at home.  I keep trying new things, but my creativity is limited and I can't really tell if anything helps.  I tried something else and hope to know if it matters later this week.

I'm in a relationship, and it's good, but there's no indication that we're going to be integrated into each other's lives for some time yet.  The bed is still empty and I am still parenting alone.  It's good to have moral support and love, which is more than I used to have.  The gap is front and center today, though.

Take care,
Rob T

Rob----  sending you so much love and understanding across the miles.  There kind of aren't words beyond that, I think.  As for all of our girls, they're going to be better than fine in the long run --- they have us as parents, after all.   :)  Be kind to yourself today and always.  xoxoxox


Hi, Rob,

Hugs to you on this sad anniversary. I know how much you miss Michelle and wish she was there to parent your girls with you.  I know how dedicated and intentional you have been with guiding your girls through the years. 

Of course, like all of us, you lament the loss of your life partner as well.  You and Michelle had a wonderful connection and that can't be replicated, and we revisit that on these dates, even if we are in a new relationship.

Hugs to you. 


Adding my hugs to you on this difficult day.  Unfortunately I can relate all too well on the difficult parenting issues and how much it just plain sucks to be facing these challenges without our parenting partner.  I have always been impressed with the way you parent, facing challenges head on and being proactive in guiding your girls to become independent and productive adults.  Keep having faith that it will all pay off in the long run.

 I'm married again and while my bed is no longer empty I am still parenting alone.  On one hand there is support but on the other hand my young adult childrens' failings are even more stressful because they now affect my new husband and our relationship.  Having him in the home puts a spot light on some issues that I had decided were less important to deal with and also my shortcomings as a solo parent.

My older 2 are out of high school and I am starting to believe they will be productive adults even if the paths they have chosen are not what DH and I had imagined.  I try not to think what they would be like if they hadn't lost their dad, it's too painful.

Hugs to you Rob. I'm not a parent. As I have grown older, slowly I am taking notice of sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant apologies from my parents in a round about way. It kinda breaks my heart. My parents were far from perfect. However, NOBODY is. What I remember from my up bringing....they loved me. The displine I remember, oh dear lord did I deserve. Ha ha!!

Rob, I scared the shit out of my parents. I'm pretty sure they were convinced they were going to have to support me til their dying day. You may think your words and guidance are hitting a brick wall, but they ARE listening.

Hugs to you, yet again. I hit 6 years in July. Hope you found moments of peace.


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