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I finally did it.

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Congratulations!  You can do this! 

My brother, a professor, left his tenured position for a small college that was more tuned to his research and teaching philosophies.  No regrets!

I left my secure job of 19 yrs. with benefits.  Not a state job but state retirement from a long ago agreement.  My other brother told me I was stupid.  One more yr. and I would have had health care for life paid.  I still have my retirement setting and get 75% of my health care paid as long as the state doesn’t belly up.  But I wouldn’t change the last 3 yrs. I have had with my now teen son.  The time was worth it for me. 

Good luck with the freedom!  It will take bit to get used to it.  Life is too short to be miserable. 

Congrats! Logged in today after weeks off and saw this, found it ironic that my last day at my job was the 9th. I'm having a hard time believing that I finally had the nerve to do it and wondering if my new  job with its promised 20 hours and possibility more is really a good idea.  Oh but the relief, never thought I would change careers at 50.

imissdow!  You did it!  So proud of you.  You know, Scott died and I thought I had to be this fierce feminist Mommy and "do it all, all of the time."  I turned out to be a grumpy, exhausted Mommy who did nothing well and who complained constantly about her job.  That wasn't the ultimate catalyst for my resignation (that is a whole other story) but it sure did become a factor.  If I want to raise a healthy, happy young woman, I need to be one myself (well, maybe not the young part anymore).  I had to take some control.  xoxoxox


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