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things that used to annoy your husband/wife about you

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Let's be honest here .
I did plenty of things that bugged Don that he would mention all the time

First of all I never tighten the lid of anything from Ketchup to aspirin , drove him crazy
Every time we rented a movie I would pause it to do laundry so he never got to see a movie fully without interruption
I would slam the door every time ,I got out of his award winning truck at car shows
I tucked the sheets on his side of the bed which annoyed him and he would joke about it

I could go on and I am sure he would be more then happy to add many more

I was pretty perfect. 😜

I never annoyed my husbands.

Well, most of the time. Hubby #1 would probably say I wasn’t patient enough with him. He required detailed assistance at times and I wasn’t always as attentive as I could have been.

Hubby #2 hated being watched. It made him self-conscious. But it was interesting to watch him...

Thanks for a reason to think about my guys in a different way.


It's funny but it's way easier to think of his annoying habits than my own because like Maureen I'm pretty perfect, right?

He would get annoyed by my procrastination.  He took care of things immediately while there are certain things I tend to mull over or put off, and put off and put off some more.

I can't remember names and he always had to prompt me in social situations or his work events.

And of course it got a bit annoying I'm sure that I am ALWAYS right.  Because of course I am.  Why couldn't he see that?  Lol

My poor husband.  People would tell my husband I was a saint.  He always joked about marrying me, marrying up.  I was psychology major, and he said he was my pet project for research, and he would be dumped eventually.

Ha!  He lived with me, a person who needed control.  I needed things to be a certain way and would get anxious and just plan bitchy.  He was a great husband, wonderful dad and   I didn't appreciate it at all.  I hear more stories of marriages now since maybe I am in the single category, and WOW.  I had it so well!

So, he ended up being ADHD, tested at work by a colleague around age 30.  Poor man lived with me, and it was a tough combination.  I chilled a lot when we had a child.  Just had to. 

He allowed me to run the house and decorate, not really caring as long as he had a comfortable chair and bed.  So, he probably lived with lots of thing he didn't care for at all.

He had to deal with me and my training background.  He truly was a saint at times for me.  Couldn't be easy.  He also opened his arms and our home to our family, and I never loved his Mother moving to our town, so he got caught in the middle often.  I needed to cut him slack.  My mother moved eventually to our town, and he never complained about her and her needs.

Yup, looking in the mirror is not pretty all the time.  I was annoying.....

DH was very easygoing and "life's too short," whereas I was a stressed out worrier.  He'd always say, "My baby's driving herself cuckoo."  It was true.  It still is.  After he died, I thought maybe I could pay tribute to him in some spiritual way by becoming more like him.  I did for a while, but I think it was more that I'd become indifferent to whether I lived or died that only seemed like easygoing-ness.  As time has gone on, I've seen that his assessment was deeply true about me.  I wouldn't say it annoyed him - he was too easygoing to get annoyed - and it doesn't "annoy" me, but it does make me sad for myself (and self-pity annoys me!).


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