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things that used to annoy your husband/wife about you

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I drove Big Guy crazy lol. He was more of a neat freak than I ever will be. Drove him absolutely bonkers with shoes. They would stay, (still do haha) wherever I flip them off my feet. He started hiding them. Found the stash about 2 years after he died. Was pissed and laughed my ass off all at the same time.

I love Christmas music. I have a collection of old Christmas albums, tune my car radio to the Christmas station every December, and have very fond memories of going caroling with my youth group in high school. My husband- not so much. See, he was born cool (seriously, like, with a capital C) and that was just a bit too square/cheesy for him to deal with. I had to listen to this stuff when he was not around or be ready to deal with his grumblings of displeasure; though he would occasionally tolerate my cassette tape of Elvis's Blue Christmas. 

Fast forward to today. My bf borrowed my car and when he came back he was super excited and happy to be greeted with Christmas music when he started up the vehicle. Ha! Take THAT, Papa! :D

This thread has me in tears.

 I wish I could have been more perfect-and yet the perfectionsm was the annoyance. My tears are from remembering a moment towards the end when he told me sternly, YOU NEED TO STOP THIS...because I was upset at how out of control everything was becoming and his stupid cousin from Canada wanted to come and visit us and the house wasn't clean enough and I knew I didn't have enough steam left in me to clean it and still do everything I really needed to do. Like pay the bills. Like dealing with Dr.s. Like all of that.

On top of that I knew his stupid cousin wanted to come because my husband was dying and it pissed me off that this cousin wanted to come and visit when he never had before. And the whole pretense. I called BS. Still makes me so mad. Nothing worse than the trolls who come out when death is closing in.

Me calling BS on the pretense was super annoying. Bah...he loved me nevertheless.



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