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things that used to annoy your husband/wife about you

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Wife of Tomasz:
Oh I could write a lot on this topic. Most of the things that annoyed Tom about me where pretty small I think. He was not a patient person, but always patient with me. He would call me "a bull in a china shop" in the mornings when he was trying to sleep and I was getting ready for work. He would always make fun of how I would leave containers in the fridge that where almost empty. And take out "petri dishes" for me when I forgot food for too long (really miss that). The one that I feel bad about is how I was bad at taking constructive criticism for my art work, but was very good at giving my opinion on his art work. How I miss our imperfectly perfect life together.

When I slammed the truck door...
When I made loud, clicking noises putting the dishes away....
When I procrastinated or was late.....
When I couldn’t understand why he admired, loved and appreciated me so much.....

Captains wife:
Can we also do this the other way around - what used to annoy me about my husband ?? LOL

I relate to what Mizpah noted - my husband was more laid back while I was the organizer and worrier. It drove me crazy sometimes that he wouldnt take things more seriously. But after he died, I learned to relax more about things that weren't important and learned to not take life so seriously and have more fun. I'm thankful he taught me that. I loved that he didn't care what anyone thought - I miss that and wish I could be more like that !

I was terribly messy - and terrible at putting things back in their original spot.

My stubbornness !

The fact that I was terrible about picking up the phone (I unf really do more texting). He would call me a million times a day....seriously.

He was a very generous man when it came to me.   He  never denied me anything I wanted.

I was not so generous.  I wish I could have a do over, on many of our times together.

Donswife, What a great topic! Thanks for starting it.

Funny how I'm struggling to identify something in myself. Of course, part of that is because he didn't complain about whatever it was that I might do to annoy him.

When I told him I'd be home from work at a certain time, he always knew to add 30 mins.
When I'd piss and moan about whatever long list of things that needed to be done, he would wisely stay in the other room and know not to engage.

When he was on his death bed, I did apologize for the times "I was such a bitch" and he just smiled and we laughed about how his response was NOT "you were never a bitch".

I do wonder how my DH would respond to this post because he never complained about any annoying habits I'm sure I have...


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