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This is my first time in this section of the board.  I remember it feeling so foreign on the old ywbb.  I even learned a new acronym.

I am pretty shocked right now at what has happened over the last month.  I don't really date.  I describe it the same way I do poutine (look that up if need be - it's fantastic): I eat it only once a year as it takes that long for me to forget how sick it makes me.

I went on my yearly date last month expecting the same as usual; I'm immediately turned off by them, I suffer a couple hours, then later have to have that awkward text conversation about how I'm just not that into them.

That did not happen at all.  My first thought upon seeing him was "wow, he's super hot!".  And then the date turned out just awesome!  I finally had to call an end to it as I was a little overwhelmed by how well it was going and needed to step back and process.

Things have sorta just continued on from there.  We slept together pretty quickly and have been spending more and more time together.   A lot of the things I was scared would happen, haven't. I try to not think too much about what is happening and just enjoy it, but the reality of it is a little scary.  There's an extra toothbrush in my bathroom.

I was a bit "wild" in my youth, focused more on my studies than on settling down, and when DH came along, that was a bit of a surprise then too.  Our first date lasted 12 hours and things progressed with him quickly as well.  It feels similar now to then - but typing that makes me sad and I don't want to touch that emotion too much.

And then, oh god, I saw some of your posts on breakups.  I've never had a real breakup in my life!  And then I remember NG's longest relationship has been 18 months.  He knows breakups.  Why am I now worried about a breakup when I can't even think of calling someone a "boyfriend"?

I'm so new to this real dating thing.  How do you guys do it?

edit: I'm so new to this section of the board, I think I posted it in the wrong sub-section.


--- Quote from: duckie on November 14, 2017, 05:39:48 PM ---I'm so new to this real dating thing.  How do you guys do it?

--- End quote ---

I am right there with you. I have dated one woman in my life. One. I got lucky and it was a good one. Now at 48 I need to learn how to do dating.

One thing I have learned to do very quickly is recalibrate my expectations, after 27 years with the same woman all of my signal processing was still stuck on married mode. After a few missteps I now approach a first date, meet and greet, whatever you call it knowing I am not looking for the second love of my life, I am looking to have an enjoyable hour (in public get your mind out of the gutter :P) with an attractive woman. If something else develops from there great, if not, also great because I still had an enjoyable hour with another person and am one "miss wrong" closer to finding "miss right".

Captains wife:
I've dated a lot but it is still somewhat "scary" because it's impossible to know how things will work out. I've learned over time that worrying about it too much, over analyzing was not helpful and in fact a hindrance when trying to date someone. I know it's easier said than done but enjoy that you met someone you want to spend time with in Chapter 2 (that in itself can be tough!) Try and enjoy the time getting to know this new person and have fun! It can be concerning when you are dating someone with a much shorter relationship history but maybe this person just hasn't met the right match?! But if I were you I'd also be a bit protective of myself - enjoy dating but try and move at a slower pace so you can really get to know this person. Wishing you all the best - and try not to worry too much.


--- Quote from: duckie on November 14, 2017, 05:39:48 PM ---I'm so new to this real dating thing.  How do you guys do it?

--- End quote ---

Good question!  I too was shocked at my immediate connection with NG, never imagined that I'd be in a relationship like this.  I also take a step back and process every once in awhile. As wids we've been through the ultimate breakup, the death of a spouse/SO - anything else pales in comparison in my opinion.  To not feel completely overwhelmed, I say that I've found somebody and am having fun.  One day at at a time - enjoy the ride!

Oh gosh, this post made me so happy to read (and not just because you're understatedly hilarious).  I hope you're enjoying this as much as I'm enjoying it for you!  I have no advice because I seem to always move fast, and I think it's mostly because I only have two categories: this isn't/you aren't worth my time and I must escape this very moment, OR I like this/you and could do this forever and ever.  A thought I wish I'd had back when I started my first post-death relationship: don't freak yourself out by all that a tiny casual comparison could bring, because there's a simple and huge common factor in your DH relationship and any future relationship: you.  Don't make too much of anything until you've factored that in.  And: yes, there is risk and pain in caring and having feelings, but I can say - having had a deeply rocky phase in my NG relationship - I can say whole-heartedly that it's worth it.  It sounds lovely.  I'm wishing you all the best in this, and in your enjoyment of it.  xoxoxo


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