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Thanks guys for your words of encouragement.  And, Mizpah, I'm so glad you saw this as it's definitely not something I share on facebook!  I've read a few of your posts here about the rough time you went through with NG - again, not something shared on facebook! - and it gives me a bit of relief.  No one's new relationship is perfect.

He's upstairs sleeping as we speak!  How strange.  But I'll try not to think about it too much and just enjoy.  I completely forgot what this is like... but I have missed the companionship/partnership even if I didn't realize it.

A huge thank you on the note about comparisons and not to beat myself up over it.  I'll remember, Mizpah, that there is indeed something in common - me.

Welcome, duckie -- what a rollercoaster ride, right? Mizpah's post is fabulous, as always! One thing that several of us here have commented on over at the 'For those in budding relationships' thread (and do join us if you like), this thing called dating or building a new chapter doesn't look the same for any of us. We have fits and starts, we have freakout moments, we have like Mizpah said those days where we just never want to let the new person go, and others where we want to hole up in our own hovels and not come out to talk or text for days.

I agree with Captains Wife and Leadfeather -- take a moment to breathe, assess yourself, and determine what it is you have going on. It is true that some people haven't found that special someone to spend lots of time with. Have you had conversations about your pasts? You mention the emotion you feel about your DH; does NG express any such emotion about a past love? Sometimes, and I dare say it goes for all of us, we spend a lot of time sharing negative stories about past situations -- I have told my NG all about my abusive first marriage, he has done the same. I don't spend as much time talking about my second marriage, which was quite good. I think he gets that, just from the way I live my life. Yet we have gotten to a place after (gasp!) a year and a half where I believe we know each other pretty well. At least I hope so  :o

The point is, know yourself, be yourself, determine what you want (a casual relationship, a serious relationship) and don't settle. In the meantime, protect your heart -- as trying mentioned, we are a different breed, us wids, no matter what the circumstance or relationship before -- and enjoy. All the best!

So cool!!!
Take it easy & just be yourself! ENJOY! Happy for you!
Also cool that I decided to come do some reading tonight & there's DUCKIE! Also, so many comfortable, recognizable wids!


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