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I suppose it might amuse some here that I'm the one starting this thread, since I'm agnostic, but I was inspired by tybec mentioning she was comforted in her grief by Christian music and I don't recall a thread on here for religious music so I'm starting one today, in honor of my husband's birthday. I'm interested in people sharing any kind of spiritual/religious music- I was always the girl going to various services/temples with friends to see how others express themselves. I was raised Roman Catholic and loved singing in Mass and have always self-comforted by singing the religious songs I learned in my youth, even though I'm no longer a believer of any religion. I guess that might seem odd to some atheists and religious,  but what can I say? I've never been considered the conventional type!

I will begin with a song from my husband's memorial service, sung by a singer he loved:


And here is one of my favorites:


It does not seem strange to me at all. My personal favorite at this moment in time is


It is not overtly religious but it speaks to me about community and death.


I had that same song sung at my husbands memorial. It was sung by some friends, I also had this one, I could say it was his only favorite hymn..but honestly it was mine. He did love Van Morrison so it seemed appropriate..


Oh, Bunny!  I don't believe in coincidences! 

Your song is my DH's favoriten with Allison Krause.  Popular from the movie "Oh Brother Where Thou Art." and on his playlist.

I posted this version TODAY on FB.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=192W0bhJNEg

My new/old friend in my new town had her nephew die this morning.  He was in a job accident, 75% of his body burned, and his mother took him off life support this morning.   

My nephews sang this at my DH's funeral, so when I posted it today for my friend, others commented on how they will never forget this at DH's funeral, and how uplifting it is.

The version I shared is of the country music couple, and Rory passed last year.  So, there are so many cross overs to this song that make me smile.

THANK you for sharing the thread.

PS I have learned a lot on YWBB about others' beliefs and learning to understand or try to accept them versus fighting about it.  It is all good.  ;)


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