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How did things go with your tests and doctor appointment in Houston?

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Ah!  Thanks for the inquiry!

My scans are clear with no evidence of recurrent cancer.  I had a great chat with my her...she has been with me this whole journey of 3 years and 9 months, since right after my second husband died. 

We always talk about life and trying to live fully - and how challenging that can be sometimes when I have already been widowed twice and then sacked with a rare and aggressive cancer.  There is no explanation as to why this cancer has not returned, especially since I refused chemotherapy.  In my early days, I just wanted the cancer to take me out of my misery.

It looks like I may be one of the few fortunate souls that don't get a recurrence of this blasted disease (leiomyosarcoma).  I'm glad to get my follow-up at a place where they know how to pronounce the disease and how to treat if it comes to that point.

Thanks again for asking.

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Re: Wheelerswife-
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So happy to hear the good news, Maureen.  To be dealt that extra blow after two devastating losses, you sure deserve some peace of mind and good things to come your way.