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Re: My Greatest Fear
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Mac  Sorry that you feel that you're losing spontaneity and that sense of adventure.  I think that with relationships  comes security, the loss of some freedom and with it the loss of some spontaneity too.  I feel fortunate that I've re-coupled with somebody that enjoys a sense of adventure and so far hasn't said no to some crazy stuff.  Maybe it is finding that special someone that agrees to join in on that kind of thing, and offering the invitation in the first place.

I'm one that's happiest with a variety of experiences, and offer them up to my BF which he usually happily accepts.  It's so easy to get into a happy domestic routine.  Is your SO not accepting of spontaneous opportunities?
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Re: My Greatest Fear
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"Perhaps I just haven't met the right person."

Mac, I really think this is your answer!

You are obviously still driven by that same sense of adventure & spontaneity as before.  The right person will only add & enhance those experiences, as Cindy so perfectly did.  I'm sure you have met a lot of wonderful candidates.  You just haven't come across spectacular!
I think you will though, in time.  Because that is who you are & obviously those are the kind of people that you attract into your life. 

I live in Denver, so there are many opportunities to interact with a wide variety of people. I do a bunch of spontaneous things when I'm by myself.

I hope you are enjoying the snow today!  I am so envious of this because I have the complete opposite problem.  I am extremely spontaneous in a relationship, but a complete hermit by myself.  Because you do have so many opportunities to interact with so many various people, the odds are definitely in your favor.  I sincerely do believe that you will find that special someone and be able to have that "magic" again!  One of these days, hopefully soon, being in the right place will match up to being there at the right time.
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