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Getting married without the wedding

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--- Quote from: daysofelijah link=topic=3557.msg42405#msg42405 date= ---If I can talk him into it...

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I think this is an important consideration. I see a lot of ‘do what you want’ here, but your fiance’s desires are just as important as yours. If you have to ‘talk him into it’, it makes me think that it wouldn’t be his first choice. Maybe a compromise is in order?

What Serpico said - without knowing your circumstances. My partner and I are not cohabiting or married but have talked about it and it is likely one day. I would have no need for a big do, although happy enough to have one, but he has never been married, would love to marry one day, and has a lot of nice friends whom I'm sure would love to be there for his 'big day', so I would do it for him. Am sure there is a compromise there somewhere.

Umm, I assumed and that may be a mistake, but the YOU do what you want IS you and your fiance.  I didn't consider it as a unilateral decision as a COUPLE is marrying, not one person. 

You will find a way for you and your SO to marry that fits your wants/needs.   :)

What Tybec said^
“You” implies the couple. Apologies if that wasn’t understood.


--- Quote from: Trying on November 19, 2017, 07:22:58 AM ---What Tybec said^
“You” implies the couple. Apologies if that wasn’t understood.

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i am from the northern states, but the company I work for is based down south. I think we should all adopt the word Y'all as it clears up this little issue with the English language.  ;)

Oh and if it matters I am in full agreement with the advice given here. It is y'all's (am I spelling that correctly?) day do what is right for you and let the chips fall where they may.


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