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So you still call your late spouses family in-laws?

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I have a good relationship with my wife's family. They have been very supportive of me and my sons. And my mother-in-law came out and told me months ago that she fully supports me dating or not dating.

 I am finding it strange to refer to them as Sister-in-law, Mother-in-law etc when I am talking about them to coworkers or when expecially I am on a date and the topic arrises. for example "What are you doing for Thanksgiving?" "I am spending it at my Mother-in-laws house." just sounds weird when I am out to dinner with a woman I hope to date. Does anyone have a different way to refer to their ln-laws?

As an aside. My inlaws were divorced many years ago and her father remarried. Her mother and step mother get along quite well so for years at family gatherings I have already had two mother-in-laws. If I ever do get remarried I might wind up with three. I think that might be a bit excessive. . .

Mine are still my inlaws. It can sometimes confuse new people to my life, especially since I have remarried. My current husband’s parents are both dead so I don’t have 2 MIL or FIL. My SILs kids call new husbands kids their cousins. I think it’s great, I’m happy for any positive family relationships.

Josh's parents are divorced and remarried. I refer to them as inlaws still or late husband's parents.

Now that we're remarried we have doubled the number of grandparents/in-laws and as we're both widowed there's the late spouse component as well x two. We have confused people time and again with not only which grandparents/in-laws we're referring to but also with talking about our late spouses.  Our late spouses' parents are a big part of our lives so this comes up often.  I have always preferred to default to in-laws rather than get into explaining.  If I didn't, I'd get into things like "we're spending Christmas with Andy's late wife's parents" and stuff like that.  In-laws just keeps it simple.  With Scott's Dad, I just refer to him most often as "M's grandfather" --- that also usually eliminates getting into it. 

Over time, I cared less about these things though at first it all struck me as so strange and surreal. 


--- Quote from: Toosoon2.0 on November 19, 2017, 10:38:36 AM ---Over time, I cared less about these things though at first it all struck me as so strange and surreal.

--- End quote ---

I think that’s the part that is getting me, how strange and surreal it all seems. And I suppose overtime it will become the new normal.


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