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Immediately after he died..the prescription pills started..lots of them.

Thought for sure they would always be part of my life...couldn’t imagine functioning in my new reality without them. And here almost 6 years later...drug free.

Don’t have any other “nevers”..was too foggy headed at the time.

I was taught to never say never ;)...except maybe in the positive sense of Never give up!

I did say I probably won't need any of my sexy lingerie....  I thought who would ever find me sexy other than my LH. Threw them all out....could use some of those now! oooops!!

My mom also said, "never say never." I can't imagine selling my home and moving, but you never know.

Get married again! I feels really good though...
I don't think I could even wrap my head around it 6-9 months ago and then he asked and it just felt so right.
I'm coming up on 7 years widowed. My journey has been amazing to look back at and realize what I've accomplished. I just know DH is smiling & proud.
Never could've imagined writing this and completely believing it. lol

D and I actually talked about this very topic. Because we owned a growing and complex business, it was more about what I would do if he died. I said I would have to sell the business and move because I couldn't handle the business on my own, and I would want to leave the area as there would be nothing for me here. I would want to be in the area where I lived during  my 20s.

 I still have the business. After a year and a half of many tears and angst over finding competent, trustworthy, and non-ego driven  management, my husband's friend who lives a state away and owns the same type of business offered his help. Thank God. He actually came in and did an undercover boss type gig to assess the issues and employee conflicts firsthand.  I ended up hiring him to oversee the company and he cleaned house and hired new management. Five years later we are in a very good place and he still oversees general operations.  I am so grateful. D would be very proud and happy of where the company is today.

I never imagined I would still be here carrying on his legacy five years later.


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