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Online Dating - only weirdos ‘like’ and message me

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Is this normal? Only just put photo and detailed text on last 24 hours. So far bunch weirdos clicked ‘like’ and worse weirdos sent messages. Do I carry on? Do weirds come out of the woodwork straight away ready to pounce, metaphorically, and have to wait a while for normals. OR is it something wrong with my profile? Help

Sorry - just realised you are all in bed! Its 3 in morning in your worlds. I’ll return much later to see if anyone can set me straight.

Captains wife:
Especially when you first get online to various dating sites, you get bombarded - and the choice is often not great matches. Ive done a fair amount of online dating and it can take time to meet more compatible people but the issue with online dating is you do get contacted by a number of people you would never go near (and you wonder why they even contact you!!!) Just be patient and try to have a good sense of humor about it. On your profile, make sure you have good pics, and try and inject some humor into your written profile. Wishing you all the best - know its not easy but try and have fun with it : )

Captains wife:
Id like to add that it can also depend on your dating area - might make sure you cover a good wide range of area to widen the net !


--- Quote from: Englishwidow on November 29, 2017, 03:17:12 PM --- OR is it something wrong with my profile?

--- End quote ---

Well, maybe. The best profiles have been vetted by a trusted friend that is the opposite sex of you. So, if you haven't already, have a good guy buddy look your's over.

My profile was a disaster until a lady workmate helped me rework it.

Just go nice and slow and be ready to simply ignore the goofballs.

Good luck - it's a jungle out there.



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