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Online Dating - only weirdos ‘like’ and message me

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yeah I'd add to the just be patient and don't expect it to be instant success....
Respond ...don't respond...that's your choice . If they strike you as weird don't talk with them.  If you're not sure, have a conversation, just don't share all your private details.

I tried different types of profiles. Short and witty, long and detailed. I don't know that I really noticed a big difference in the caliber of guys that responded. Still got weirdos with both. So I doubt it's your profile.....hey you can always test it by changng it.....

Thanks for all your replies.

Yeah, in olden days if I was at a disco or in a club and weirdo came up would just say ‘ in your dreams mate!’. Somehow online, when sat in own living room on iPad, feels like weirdo at your door. Disconcerting. Just wasn’t prepared for them all to come knocking.

Already changed profile, like you suggested.

I have read all other Wids experiences of online and thought that the issues I’d be facing would be just weird-widow-world ones; ‘am I ready’, ‘can I realistically imagine gazing at another mans face let alone touching another man’, ‘am I past it’, ‘what would it be like’, ‘will I want to run off home’, ‘what will we talk about’, ‘will he laugh at my jokes’ etc etc. Was not expecting to have to wade through the fringes of society before even got to any gut twisting crises of widow confidence if someone OK actually contacted me.

Nice frosty sunny morning here. Just back from walking dog over fields. New day. Dust myself off. Lower my expectations for ‘normals’ to contact me immediately. Be patient. Someone thought I was OK once, someone else will too. Its just when read all of your experiences seems to much more straighforward, than my bunch of freaks.

I wasn't on line long as I started dating NG in about a month and here we are going on 2 yrs. later.   Our running joke is he needed a green card or was a lonely on the road truck driver.  Had my fair share of them.    Good luck!

I only "liked" someone's profile once.  The next day he had hidden it from me.  I can only infer he thought I was weird.  I am, a little, but I'd assumed one would have to get to know me a little  to come to that conclusion.

We’re probably all somewhere on the weird spectrum! You strung together 4 very coherent sentences, unlike the messages from my ‘likes’!


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