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I lost my husband to heart failure on November 25th.  He was a heart transplant recipient 20 years ago and started having health issues this past spring.  I miss him so much and I feel very alone.  We have two kids one that is 16 and one that just turned 9.  We were married 10 years but together a total of 13 years.


Hugs Carrie!

I'm sorry for your loss, Carrie.  I've found tremendous support through this board (and its earlier iteration) over the years, especially in the parenting section.  I hope you will, too.  More hugs from me, Christine

I know its tough to see the positives at a time like this.  Feel blessed to have that 20 years that the transplant bought.  My wife had heart failure,  and a pacemaker,  she was on transplant list but didnt seem to want it done. 

So sorry for the loss of your husband Carrie.  Take it one day at a time. We glad you found us and the people here have been a tremendous help and support for me and I hope you find that it does for you too!


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