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For those that work how long were you out

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I went back after a couple weeks.  It was mainly to avoid continuing to sit and cry all day, staring at the river, sitting on a bench.  I started to worry I may not remain sane if I didn't at least pretend to be part of society.  I really needed that.  Looking back, I don't know how I did it, and all I remember is getting on the subway, clutching my little packet of tissues, and two of my friend/co-workers meeting me at the subway at work, to walk me to the office.  I was a mess.  I truly had no business pretending to be functional in any way whatsoever.  But I needed to have structure and routine and a place to go.  I was lucky though - everyone I worked with knew and loved him, AND I was able to modify my responsibilities to do only mindless work for a while until I could think again.  It's hard.  It's just so hard. 

I went back the third week for a few hours each day and then I think full days the fourth week.
My then supervisor was not the most understanding and I felt if I didn't go back my job could be jeopardized.
Looking back I think I should have taken more time to get myself somewhat together.

I ended up being off for 3 months and went back right after the holidays.  I would say it was too long to be off because I needed the structure of work to fill my days but I had some difficult issues to work through with DHs business that had me hours at a time on the phone and then hours after curled up in the fetal position.

If you have the option to start part time I would do that.

I went back after a week. I needed the structure of getting up in the morning and going somewhere. Not that I was productive at work. I spent 25% of each day in a private meeting room crying. It took months before I was at a point where I was even working at 50% of what I used to be able to do. Fortunately, I was blessed to be working at a very supportive company filled with compassionate coworkers.

My husband died on the 7th of April. I didn't go back until May 1st. I needed time and then I needed to be sure my girls were okay going back to school. I work 40-45 minutes away and I wanted to be accessible to them if they needed me. I was motivated to go back for health insurance. I needed work to distract me.


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