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So as part of my process I decided to try online dating. Not in any seriously active sense but I figured I'd make a profile and see what was out there. Maybe just got to the house and talk to people and not feel like a circus freak for a couple hours.

I ended up going out on one date and felt absolutely nothing. And the guy was way too invested. And when I politely said I wasn't looking for anything serious he implied that maybe I was afraid of falling in love. Barf. Let me tell you right now I all too much enjoy the idea of love but a single date with a perfect stranger is not going to make me jump at the idea that maybe this is the one again! I know what Real Love Is I had it already. And now I'm getting messages from people that look like Ronald McDonalds pimp and I kid you not a guy who dresses up as Captain Morgan as a profession. So I've got French-fried pimps and alcoholic Pirates to pick from. I know my husband would be laughing at me right now if he saw what I was dealing with.

First Widow:
This made me actually laugh out loud.  Online dating can be very, very entertaining if you don't take it too seriously.   

KK thank you.  It is nice to know it is not just me!
I have dabbled a little with the online thing.  Early on I met someone that turned into a very good friend, we are just not romantically inclined.

I have met with about 5 others, in the past 3 years.  There has either been no attraction for me, or for them.  Some get way to invested and into it before we even meet.  That totally freaks me out!  I screen pretty hard and just meet with the ones that appear to be a good fit.

I try to respond to all that message me, as I feel that is polite.  Many are what I consider too old.  I am 53 and many are over 60.  I don’t think I want to go there.  DH was 3 years younger then me and I look and act young for my age.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no cougar, but close to my age would be nice.

I think much of the trouble I am having at the moment is that I am quit heavy.  I gained after I lost my husband and have not lost it yet.  I keep thinking that someone will be able to see past that, but I think I am fooling myself now.  I am very open about it and up front but it seems to be a deal breaker when we meet.

I started to get my confidence back last year, took me over 2 years to feel that way, and the online dating gives it a real knock around.  I am very independent and maybe it will be just me from now on, but I do miss having a connection with someone.....

I have not been lucky enough to score a pirate yet KK, you are one up on me there!

Hilarious! I haven't ventured into online dating. Facebook is as close to online dating as I think I'll get.

Humor, yes. Although compassion isn't my strong suit, it helps to summon up a little bit of that as well. We don't have to date those desperate types a second time, though.

Many of the people I met were very, very lonely and sad. One man blocked me when I added him to my favorite list, so clearly he thought *I* was weird.

Your date sounds a little desperate.  Be careful how you phrase "not looking for anything serious."  It's a dating site, and that can be interpreted as NSA sex. I didn't always refuse a second date if I didn't feel anything, but I usually did. Sometimes, if a guy seemed nice, I might give it another try.


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