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Haaa.  Thanks for making me laugh today. Yep, that's exactly what online dating is like. It's so hard.

In theory, online dating should be great - what a convenient way to meet a large number of others interested in dating. In practice, it sucks. The anonymity of the internet seems to bring out the worst in us. There are (I'm sure) normal people online sincerely interested in finding a mate. Finding them takes sorting through all the less-than-sincere jerks (men and women).

What I found to be a better approach is a speed dating meetup. Here in NJ there is a thing called "8 Minute Dating". I think it is in other areas, too, but probably just densely populated places. I would search for "speed dating" in your area to see what is there.

The idea is you get to talk to 8 different people for 8 minute 'dates". It's grouped by age so you will date people close to your age. There is a social time before and after the dates, too, so you can meet more than 8 people in a given night - even others outside your age group.

The nice thing is that you get to meet a real, live person. You can judge their personality and intentions more easily than through some online contact. And meeting in person is WAY better than looking at a picture (IMO).

It took me a good number of events over several years, but I did meet someone. We're recently engaged.

Hope this helps.


I actually met my husband online. It did take time to meet him but I did enjoy the journey. I think I can learn to enjoy dating again. It helps that I have ZERO expectations at this point. Again, I'm really doing it just to get out. I still have some healing to do.

I remember doing speed dating before I met my husband. Those were by far some of the worst and most hilarious events I've ever been to. I went with a girlfriend and we had such a good laugh. Unfortunately the selection of people was let's just say 'unique'. I remember this one South Asian guy showed up in a full purple velvet suit and coke bottle glasses. He owned four parrots. I'll never forget that seven minute conversation. Lol.

Hmmmm.....pirates and parrots, you seem to have a bit of a theme going!  ;)

Oh dear...I hope this won't become a trend. I get sea sick very easily. Lol.


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