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Checks made payable to estate


Does anyone know what I do with checks made payable to the estate?  My husband died without a will and under statutory law everything would pass to me according to state law (I am in NY)

I'm no expert in any of this, but I suggest you consult an attorney who practices in estate law.  Your husband's estate may have expenses that would need to be paid before you can claim any of the money.  Better to ask than to get yourself in hot water?

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If it's not a large amount I would take it to your bank and see if they'll just allow you to deposit it into your account.

This would potentially be his Christmas bonus check, his supervisors came to visit today and they said he might still get one.  Usually the check is between $500-$1000.

I did receive new insurance cards with estate of LH's name on them as I thought his health insurance
Only ran until the end of last month, as he passed November 25th


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