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When I was in my early weeks and months, I found that looking ahead in the social section and reading about others, who had found love again, gave me hope for a brighter future.  So, for those who have been fortunate enough to find a new love, whether you are married, engaged, or dating, share your happiness and post a pic here. I will start with a picture of me and my new guy.

lcoxwell, thank you for starting this thread.

As a result of our regular posting on the old YWBB and attending local widowbagos, Bluebird and I met for the first time in 2010. And quite unexpectedly, we immediately fell in love. Three years later we were married in the presence of family and friends, including several dozen fellow members of that board. Here is our formal wedding photo.

--- WifeLess

Beautiful pics !!!

Let's see if this works!  This is The Bachelor (from the old board) and me on our wedding day almost exactly 4 years ago.  We "met" and began chatting on the old board, and finally met for real at a bago.

We got married at the top of the lighthouse in the background (at Tybee Island, GA, outside of Savannah).

me, widower, and double-widow baby


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