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I’m ready to get off this ride from hell!


Just a couple of days ago, a dear friend from university (back in the 80’s) informed me that she had lost her stepson to his long struggle with addiction. He was in his mid 20’s. He had recently gotten out of rehab (again).  He was found by his father.

Tonight I heard that the husband of a friend, colleague and professor died today. My friend is 38. A few years ago, her husband had become acutely ill and almost died then. He may have survived sepsis. I know his health had been precarious, although seeing him and talking to him, one might never know.

A little over a year ago, this friend and colleague was teaching a graduate course I was taking. She came into class and seemed nervous. I asked her if she was okay. She told me that Jimmy had been rushed to the hospital. She knew I would understand what that meant, but she didn’t want the remainder of the class to know. I knew the fear of having a husband critically sick and wondering if he would make it. My colleague had also known my second husband, who died unexpectedly in his sleep.

So tonight, my friend posted that her husband had died. 10 days ago, she had posted pictures of the 2 of them attending a social function at the university where she now works. A few days before that, pictures show them on a hike. Today he died surrounded by family.

How quickly life can be snuffed out.

My heart breaks for my friend. My own heart relives it’s own memories of my husbands’ deaths.


Hugs, Keegan. I wish I could take away your pain.


Hugs to you, Maureen - very sorry to hear of your recent losses.  As wids we very well know the fragility of this life, hoping for some peace for you in the coming days.

Hugs Maureen. We understand these situations better than we would care to admit. Hope today you can find some peace.

Peace to you. I know it can go without saying, but it still needs to be said- death sucks; losing our loved ones sucks.  :'(

Hugs Maureen; I cant even imagine the pain you are experiencing.  I hope the ache in your heart subsides and you find peace of some kind.  I always admired your courage and strength.  I so wish that we could somehow make the "widda island" a reality some day.


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