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Reaching out after a fading relationship

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After I had a relationship end last year, I got together with a couple of women I had dated the year before and had a talk with them about it.  I told them some of what I had been learning about myself and relationships, and they gave me an idea about what they had perceived at the time.  It was helpful and positive.  I remain friendly with them but not close.  It was helpful to be able to learn a couple of things and have some of my theories about what had gone on confirmed, and I was glad they were gracious enough to do that.

Take care,
Rob T

Going to reach out on Thursday. If it goes well will tell her we will talk after Christmas. The last thing I want to do is to cause her any discomfort. Worst case is she will know I was the problem, not her.

It's rare that I'd reach out. I met some nice men dating, but most of them were not looking for female friends. They wanted a romantic partner.  I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be interested in maintaining contact.  There is one person I dated who I stay in casual contact with. We text each other now and then.

Uh no.

Not sure how long it’s been..but I think that would kinda mess with her head. At least for me..when it’s done it’s done. Think it would be kinder to just let her move on..outta sight outta mind. But that’s just me.

 I think some misunderstood what I was saying. I basically ran her off because I would really wasn’t ready to be dating anybody at that time. I took some time away from dating to sort things out to make sure I was ready for a relationship. Before when I saw her  I really just wasn’t ready. I was trying to fill the lonely void in my life. I was still resentful about my own situation, for that reason I would constantly find fault with her in my mind. The truth is anybody would be lucky to have her.

My contacting her was Twofold one to let her know I was a jerk and then I had my own issues to sort out. None of that was her fault it was mine. Two, I was reaching out to see where she was relationship wise.  I have been out with a couple different women since our relationship, just don’t see it going anywhere with them. She has great quality and great character,  before it was just too early on my journey to appreciate her. We are going out sometime next week.

Thanks for all the comments.


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