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Widow to Widow (by Genevive Davis Ginsberg). I am actually reading it now. It has some powerful insight that I didn't want to see.

On Hope by Josef Pieper.  Read it later.  Get through the raw grieving first.

Bearing the Unbearable was the first book I read after my husband passed, and it's still my favorite. The chapters are short, easily digestible and beautifully written. Whenever I feel myself breaking down I open it up to any chapter and it's guaranteed to make me feel better.

Confessions of a Mediocre Widow is also another favorite. If you're like me and use humor as a coping mechanism, give this a shot. Written by a young widow, you will cry at some points but she writes with humor and sass, and it made me feel like it was written by a friend.


I wish someone had given me "a widow's guide to healing" by Meekhof & Windell during the first few weeks. It has helped me greatly.


I am so sorry you were thrust into this club. I was close to your age when my husband died.

I read the cancer widow book but I didn't like it, I didn't find it helpful. I can't remember why.

The stiletto widow book was good in that it had a fair amount of practical advice, but at times it came across as "bubblegummy" to me.

A Grief Observed is beautiful.


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