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Sexy Widow Christmas Eve...

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Just a take on the Sexy Widow Saturday Night...

I’m visiting my parents, who are off to church. My dog and I have commandeered the TV remote for an hour or so...and there really isn’t anything worth watching. I have a book to read.

Tomorrow, it is going to snow, so I will get to shovel snow - again.

My mother won’t allow any presents to be opened until the day after Christmas when my sister arrives, even though she is opening her presents at her own home on Christmas.

I’m thoroughly underwhelmed.

Anyone else having an exciting Christmas Eve?


I cooked all day and took it all over to my parents to have dinner with them.  They are elderly and in failing health so it was a very quiet evening.  Then went to my daughters to exchange gifts and it ended up disastrous.   She and my son in law surprised me with airline tickets to visit a friend in may for my birthday.   She was not happy with my reaction and they wouldn’t understand my reasons for feeling the way I do about it.   So left there crying and am now in bed crying.   So yes I’ve had an underwhelming Christmas Eve also. 


Went to 6:30 Mass and the children's choir sang. They were lovely.

Got home and warmed up ham, clam chowder, biscuits and mashed potatoes for all my guests. The grandkids each asked to open one gift, which I allowed them to do. Watched *A Christmas Story* with my kids as is our habit. Laughed at the same scenes as we always do.

Sailor son made it home on leave this morning and brought two buddies that couldn't get to their own homes for Christmas. They ate like they had never seen food before. They are all asleep now after their 20 hour drive to get here. Bless their hearts.

Life is good and it is a joy to share the season with whoever is around.

Merry Christmas.


Made dinner for my late husband's family - Bought a Standing Rib Roast - $160!!!!!  Seriously?!?!?  Next year it's a $20 turkey...
Anyway, because the roast was huge and my oven is small, it smoked, and set of the fire alarm.  3 times.  Yep.....  slightly embarrassing...
After dinner, went to my parents to visit a while...
Came home and found a gift on my porch......  I had posted on my FB "craving chips and salsa" yesterday....  Got home, and there was a jar of salsa and a bag of chips...  Which was nice and amusing....
And along with it was a "note" from my deceased husband - "Merry Christmas, Don't shed a tear, I'm spending Christmas in Heaven with Jesus this year.  Love, Dad (David)"

I know whomever left it meant well, but it felt like a sucker punch.....  So here I sit, crying.  Merry freaking Christmas!

Happy Christmas from PA, Maureen and all!  We made a fire and played cards last night.  This morning we woke to find we HAD NO COFFEE!!!!!?????  An inauspicious start to be sure.  This was followed by a ten year old who, when I tried to wake her at 8: 30, said, "It will still be Christmas in half an hour..."  Alrighty then!  My parents are coming over for brunch and then friends in the afternoon before we leave for the airport to do it all again tomorrow on the other side of the pond. 

The holidays are stressful enough as it is but even more so for those who are grieving.  Be kind to yourselves, everyone. 

Sending wishes of peace, 


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