Author Topic: Where to Draw the Line ??? With Exes  (Read 957 times)


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Re: Where to Draw the Line ??? With Exes
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It's hard. I think I wrote a post just like this a year or so ago. NG has been much better since I had a talk w him about texting with the ex during our time. They really only text about their son now, and not very often since he is 17. It took time and talking and clear expectations to get to this point though, and it's been 3 years for us.

He even had one slip up on this NYE when she texted asking something about the kid, and then he tried to start an argument about "something someone said she said about him". I was not pleased, but when he realized what he was doing he shut it down pretty quickly. He had had a few drinks so that was probably what happened. I think they spent so many years fighting, it just comes natural sometimes!

It feels unfair that he doesn't have to deal with my ex issues sometimes. I hope you can feel comfortable to express your expectations to him and he responds favorably.
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