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Crazy ex keyed my car!

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Have no proof of course...Saying nothing at all except to NG. But staying quiet because she would love for me to pitch a fit..accuse her (she of course will deny)..then tell people she was wrongly accused.

She knows where my house is and what kind of car. NG was here overnight the night it happened. She’s been off her rocker (sending him and whomever else nasty texts).

In love with this guy...but the baggage..not sure I’m cut out for it. Trying to limit my time with his daughter..she flip flops back and forth (they have joint custody but kids are at her parents house when she has them) NG is running all over the place picking her up from grandparents when her and her Mother have a fight, etc.

Can’t believe I’m 46 years old back in my childhood hometown..-and this nonsense (keying my car is just one example) feels like high school. I’ve been proactive and taken the high road (which infuriated her more she wants drama. But lord this is a test of my will. That’s all.

Oh sugarbell ... {{{{hugs}}}}

So sorry she is doing this.  I just don't understand these women.

Oh good grief, so sorry that you're dealing with this.  Crazy ex, indeed.

Yuck! I am sorry she is going after you.


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