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Crazy ex keyed my car!

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It’s just  crazy nuts...planned a few days vacation this summer for just the kids and myself to the beach.  We would love NG to go with us (haven’t mentioned it nor am I️ mentioning it).. but none of us want his daughter going. She’s not mean...but that opens up our vacation/world to her mother..who will call her a dozen times a difficult..try to sabotage it with scheduling. Just don’t want to deal with all of that crap. Also daughter does tell her Mom about my kids or things they do on vacation, etc..and really don’t want my kids lives on display to this crazy bitch. Daughter is innocent about it (she’s sweet but not real Rather dense at times (she has an IEP-think she’s Fetal Alcohol  Syndrome physical characteristics.looks normal but has learning problems)


Yeah, to a certain extent it's like having a spy in the house.  Our summer vacation came with NG's son bringing a film camera he wanted to bring back to his mom's for film developing - taking pretty candid, intimate family photos of us all the entire trip.  And she sent him with a cell phone he used the whole time but wouldn't let NG see (he was SIX).  He was recording us at times.  She also dropped him off hours late, so we got a late start on a really long drive and were sitting around all packed like WTF.  It's hard.  It's just hard. 

I give you guys credit.  I couldn't do it.  I'm at the point now where I'm saying no to men asking me out that have younger children.  The longer I'm on my own (downslope to 10 years) the more I'm enjoying my own time and really getting comfortable in my skin again.  I don't want to deal with all the craziness that goes with divorce and kids.  Of course there's no guarantees in life, and I may have to come back here some day and eat my words, but for now...."I ain't doin' it". 

10 years here last September....this is a first for me!

But always stuck to the “5 year rule..give them time to get back on feet financially, work out child care custody stuff..hopefully ex has moved on/remarried so less drama”.

And it worked...none came with this kind of crap.

Really really care about this guy...he’s really the best character of any man I’ve ever dated. Daughter is 16... so hoping it gets better the older she gets. But crazy ex will never go away. Maybe if she can keep a relationship and find someone with lots of money (she gets them..but can’t keep them because she’s dumb as a rock..and crazy comes out after a month and they bolt)—She needs a sugar daddy who will fly her somewhere far far away and keep her.

Still waiting on another dramatic suicide attempt (She hasn’t pulled that one yet since me..but NG says usually every 2 to 3 years it happens.) -/Hope not offending anyone..SOS here..but this shit is getting old. (And it’s too cold to try to buff the key marks from my car-just very pissed!)


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