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Crazy ex keyed my car!

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Awful! No good answers, either.

 My friend has been with her fiance for 15 years.  When they started dating, his crazy ex slashed his tires.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  Then she called my friend and told her she and her ex husband (my friend's fiance) were getting back together.  My friend backed out, stating she was unaware and was not going to interfere, but it wasn't true.  It has been years and the ex got better, but the kids are all adults  now.  My friend ignores it mostly.  No more criminal behavior, though.

 >:( :( :o

Captains wife:
I can only hope it gets better for you...sorry you have to deal with this when you found someone new to love....

Thanks everyone..really never dealt with this before. Dated divorced men (had that 5 year rule..divorced 5 years or more seemed to nip any bitter feelings/drama in the bud. This situation it wouldn’t matter...she’s just crazy.

Truly think she’s bipolar or borderline..doesn’t sleep for days..sends nasty texts all hours of the night..stalks her kids Instagram pages at 3 am. Ignoring her seems to drive her over the edge more...but not going to me to the outside world she’s non existent.

And that’s driving her nuts. (Which is why she lashed out and keyed my car)

Wish she would get help or just go away.

Holy F

That's really all I've got.  Lots of sympathy from another dealing with similar baggage-of-NG's, for more than four years now (for three I've had her blocked).  Still wishing she'd "get help or go away."  Luckily for you and me, we're us and we're not them (the crazies).  Keep being awesome.  xoxo

Just when I think my guys crazy ex is over the top, your stories remind me it can always be worse!  She definitely sounds mentally ill.


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