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New Year's Eve: What Are Your Plans?

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Well here we all are...the end of another year and soon to be the start of another.

Last year at this time I started a "gratitude jar". There are pieces of paper in that jar, so I guess there were some good things in my life that were noteworthy this past year. I'm hoping reading through them will remind me of what they were because some days it is hard to remember anything "good".

In terms of New Year's Eve plans, for me it is usually spent home alone, watching the ball drop on TV (assuming I stay awake), and texting friends. This year a couple girlfriends are coming for a sleepover and we'll watch the ball drop and I'll text New Year's wishes to my distant friends.

What do others have planned?

Whatever it is, I wish you all a peaceful evening and gentle memories of the past year and hopeful wishes for the new year.

Happy New Year!

I will probably be sleeping.  We never made any major plans for New Year's and I have been keeping that tradition for the past 7 years!!! LOL.

The kids and I are out of town and visiting my FIL and family so it's apps and visiting all night long. In the past, we would host a party but I don't have the heart to carry that on.

Spending NYE with a wid sister and her son.

2017 was the year of limited progress. My primary goal for this year is the same as last year: to start my new career with a job in my new field.

I have lost a couple of friends this year, relocated to temporary quarters, and I have a good handle on the ability of my mother to care for my very elderly and slowly declining father.

I’m ready for 2018 to be a better year. Please?

Best wishes to all of you!


We're in Spain trying to have a good time with a moody, hyper-hormonal 11 year old.  Mixed bag for sure.  I thought 2017 was going to be the year of decisions and stability for me.  It was the year of decisions, for sure, but not the year of stability.  Silly, silly me.  Hoping for something looking a little more stable and permanent in 2018. 

Hard to believe that in a month it will be 5 years since Scott died.  The impact of his illness and death still march along side me every day; its no longer menacing but the reverberations now seem like a constant companion.  I've come to accept this as just the natural course of things.  Thank you all, widow/er tribe.  What would I have done/do without you?

Will be wishing you all peace in the new year in just about 5 hours so Feliz Nuevo Ano a Todos from Sevilla where we will eat one grape with each stroke of the cathedral bells at midnight along with the throngs of others who are, I assume, hoping for the same.  If I can stay up that late, that is.....   




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