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New Year's Eve: What Are Your Plans?

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Hi, "W" warrior friends - It has been months since I've logged in and posted anything to the board, but felt that I wanted to peek in on this last day of 2017 and extend my warm wishes to all. Definitely a triggering time for me these days, so I know it is for others, too. Hugs of support - not alone and better together.

As for plans - a rousing evening with my daughter with apps for dinner, a queue of movies on Netflix waiting for us, and watch out ... probably some knitting/crocheting as well!

Peaceful New Year Eve to everyone and goodness in the New Year.
Warm wishes from FL.

Watching football all day then board games until midnight when we irritate the neighbors by setting off fireworks. Oh, boy.

So far this evening,  I've replaced the broken front door lock...that was an adventure.  My son and I had finger food for dinner in the spirit of the holiday... :) My Great Pyr x is now growling at fireworks out the window (it's early) and my eight year old (?!) son is playing a game on his new Switch and getting a bit frustrated as he tries, for the first time, to make it to Midnight.  I've got homemade wine (thanks, Dad) and the house is warm, so we are good.

It's been a long while since I've been here, but I needed to come back, it seems.  Good luck and Great Peace to you all in 2018...



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