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It seems we all have different ideas of what 'this' should look like. I am now a few weeks into having BF under the same roof; adjusting schedules certainly takes getting used to. I will be traveling for work for five days; I leave in just over a week and told him he's got to get some time in with my dogs because they will be looking to him when I am not here. Should be interesting. He had to go to court today behind the shenanigans with his daughter and it didn't go well. He didn't go to work and came home. Fortunately I have plenty to keep me busy with work but it's odd to have someone else here while I have work-related phone conversations. It's all about finding balance, which isn't easy when you have gotten into a regular flow of how you want the house to run  :o

Thanks all.  Reading my posts,  and I don’t like my attitude.  Going to focus on gratefulness and what works.  Going to trust time.  Going to attempt to live here and now and not worry about the future.   I don’t want to be whiny or complaining.

I vent here for help and support.  Admittedly, the anonymous nature is a plus.  If I talked to friends like this irl they would be tired or direct with me.   :o

Thanks for the ears and comments.  Much appreciated.

PS. Two nights with NG.  He is committed.  He loves me.  He worries some I will walk away from him and his situation.  He isn’t so dense. He cares. 😉

Hey tybec -- there are times when we have to vent and I agree that the folks 'out there' in rl often don't have a clue. Glad to be part of your circle here :)

tybec, it's hard sometimes to focus on the here and now. We know though, more than most, that as much as we plan there are no guarantees. One day at a time. I enjoy the support here too.

Home by myself.  My kid is on a church retreat. My NG's weekend with his kids, though.  He asked me late this a.m. to go to his youngest kid's soccer game. I just had awakened.  He said the ex was not going to be there.  I get it, but I don't like it. I was only invited, then because she wasn't there.

I had an impulsive thought to get dressed up and go out for St. Patty's by myself with an Uber, but it just is not me.  (sigh)  I tried to see a friend but her mother has been sick since Jan and she and her brother are taking turns with her as her mother doesn't want to be alone, but won't move and won't hire anyone to stay with her. Feel bad for my friend, but a road trip to see her would have been nice.

So, in a relationship and only texted today.   Not sure what I feel about it.  FLAT is a good word.

My kid has two camps this summer and a missionary trip.  They are all the weeks NG HAS his kids. We have not had an adult away from kids since Aug, when I moved here.  Yeah....


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