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I lost my beautiful wife Katie to cancer a little over two weeks ago.  We were married for almost 13 years.  The past few days have been so difficult, as it seems the initial shock of her passing has worn off and I realize how lost and heartbroken I am without her.  She was truly the love of my life and I miss her so much.  I never imagined I would be a widower at 38 and be experiencing this much grief and pain.  I pray there will be better days ahead. 

Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
There are better days ahead.

So sorry for your loss! Many of us never predicted or planned for our predicaments. Everything will be so fresh and raw for you. Give yourself slack and as much time as you need. Navigating this "new" life is different for everyone but equally hard and challenging. There will be good days, times when you can find your smile or laugh again but there will be sad times that can wipe them out in a second. Take care of yourself and hugs!

I'm sorry on the loss of your wife.  Welcome to the group nobody wants to join.  You have found a very supportive bunch of people that could help you when it feels like nobody in real life understands what you are going through.  Take it one day at a time and even down to one minute at a time if you need too.  Remember to drink lots of water as crying is very dehydrating. Take care matts255.

I'm sorry for your loss and that you are enduring this loss. I lost my husband to cancer 5 years ago when I was 37. It is a surreal situation no one should ever have to go through.


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