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Step children

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Thank you for that feedback. Eileen, I have tried it all. I have had boundaries, I have opened up our home, my heart, tried to bring her into the fold, but nothing, absolutely nothing, works, and these two young kids are being tormented and put in the middle. My stepson cried to me yesterday, and I realized that I may need to walk away, for their sake. While it would be sad for everyone, maybe the kids not having her on them all the time, making them feel guilty for wanting to come to our house and be with the other kids, will actually allow them to move forward. I am so torn. It is so bad that I fear the only solution is walking away.

What a horrible situation. The kids want to be with you yet crazy-mom makes them feel guilty? She is abusive. Do you have legal rights? Maybe visitation for you and mandated counseling for her? Or you could just painfully let go. My heart breaks for you and the kids.


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