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Watching this show last night after the super bowl was a bad idea, it brought the pain of 4 1/2 years ago right back.  I cried all night and am a big puffy mess this morning. We always had a big Super Bowl party.  So little in my life is the same as it was back then and for the most part I have accepted that but last night I really missed him and I missed us.


Yup.  All these folks are watching it and commenting on FB, and I am like, "been there , get it."  Made me remember telling my son his dad had died.  I had not thought of that memory in several years.  It is all in the brain, somewhere.

I saw how the mom had her rituals for the day, and I was like, "Spot on."  Folks will get it someday, likely, but it is real for many of us.

Hope all are faring well with it all. 

I spent the night watching the Superbowl with NG with his group of friends.  DH and I always had a party and then went to parties. We had one the last time Justin Timberlake was on, actually.  My old group posted FB pics.  It is just so strange in so many ways; surreal doesn't quite touch it. 

Captains wife:
I have avoided this show as I've heard it's very emotional. I'm sorry yesterday/now is tough...We can move on but it's so hard to miss the past sometimes. Hugs

His birthday is this week also and I think even though I didn’t realize it was weighing on me, it is adding to my extra emotional state.


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