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Selling the house.

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It's not as bad as you think. Yes, it could use an update, but a fresh coat of paint does wonders. Talking with a realitor doesn't cost a dime. Doesn't mean you have to sign them, and the 6% can often be negotiated. Fingers crossed it all works in both your favor.

You may know I'm selling my house. Right now I'm doing it on my own. Crazy - perhaps - but I needed control over the process.

What I did: I contacted a trusted local appraiser to have a good idea of what is a reasonable asking price.
I created my own website with photos and lots of information that a realtor wouldn't have and am essentially selling a way of life. I put it out to friends, through Facebook and through a Vermont specific list-serve called Front Porch Forum. Within the first 48 hours, I had 5 people contact me to see it. I have two of the five coming back for second looks. Within one week.

I just had an inspector walk through today to tell me what issues might come up. He did the full inspection but didn't write a formal report - I took notes as he talked. This set my mind at ease and gave me a list of small issues to address and the comfort of mind that nothing of significance showed up.

I haven't even put it on Zillow yet but will if need be. I am waiting to use a realtor unless I really need to.

If there is nothing structurally wrong, just old outdated stuff, you may be under estimating what you could get for it.

Happy to talk further. If you haven't seen my website, let me know and I'll send you the link. I put it on Facebook a little over a week ago.

This is big stuff, TS - good for you! Good for us!

We moved and NG is selling.  We're not doing any major work.  Slapping paint on I think.  Hoping someone will take it as is.  No bites yet.  Ugh.  We have a local realtor.  Fingers crossed.

Definitely interview some realtors.
 You have a great property there. I would sell as is. I'll bet it goes fast.
Good luck.


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