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Absolutely hire a respected, established realtor, hopefully with a few good recommendations provided to back them. Declutter. Don't update anything, unless safety codes require it (which you should do for the safety of you and your family's sake regardless for the duration of your time there). Or unless your realtor recommends it, like if you're in a hot market. Be prepared, if recommended by your realtor, to offer appropriate allowances (carpet, for example). Any removable features of a sentimental nature should be changed out and stored (say, a certain light fixture- I have one in particular moved from my last home, which will be switched out prior to listing my current house when I sell, which may be within the next year). Buyers are more tolerant of out-datedness than grime, so that should be kept in mind.

Above all, if you have a good realtor, listen to their recommendations to enhance a sale, as they should be familiar with market demands and conditions in your specific area. I've moved alot, and overall had good success, except in depressed market conditions... I lost some on my last sale. It was our dream house where we planned to stay until we died (and he did). Overbuilt for the area market, so a tough sale. I couldn't afford to hold out for years for the right buyer/economy. I held out for a couple years as it was, which continues to cost you in utilities, upkeep and taxes. All you can do is optimize your chances by heeding the recommendations of a competant, successful agent.

Hoping for good results for you!

Helpful thread. I find myself with many of the same questions. My LW was remodeling our master bedroom and bath as well as creating a half bath. Doing the work herself. Most everything was finished except for a few of the more cosmetic details and one doorway she was in the process of widening to put in a glass door she had rescued from a clients home.  She had a talent for construction and interior design, one I never developed since she was so good at it. My plan is to have a trusted realtor come in, give me an idea of the value of my home as well as tell me which things I should finish and which I can let slide.

My hope is that the value of the home is within my sisters price range, as she has expressed interest in buying the house. I am willing to lose some of the value to sell it to her as it would be nice to keep it in the family. Nice to still have holidays celebrated there and have little children once again fill it with life and laughter. Starting to get off track.

Good advice here, having moved a lot and sold lots of homes I would also suggest finding a good realtor that specializes and sells high volume in your area.  Zillow isn't always accurate, those numbers can be deceptive.  Declutter and de-personalize - think about putting things in off-site storage to keep closets clear.  There may be some things that are easy and inexpensive fixes that an agent suggests.  Good luck!

In addition to getting a local realtor who has experience with your neighborhood and school district, it's worth it to hire a Seller's home inspector.
When selling my parent's home, which I thought was a "fixer-upper", the inspector was able to narrow down the repairs which were absolutely needed for safety reasons. My parents' home was in the Lehigh Valley, and it was a "seller's market".
We made only those required repairs & updates, and offered a 1 year home warranty.
 We had an offer within one week.
Good luck with your decision.

I'm with Wheeler's Wife.  Whomever purchases your home will have her own taste, ideas, thoughts and all the new stuff gives one the feeling of "Oh...it would be a shame to take all this new stuff and pitch it. We'd just have to live with someone else's choices..."

Co-worker of mine did a lovely job reno-ing her home. It may have helped it sell faster since it was clean and tidy.  They were disappointed that didn't add to the price.  Especially disappointing as the sale came about from a divorce.


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