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The Old divorce comparison

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It'll be four years in March. And NOW my Dad tells me how losing Jessica is like getting divorced. Over the phone. Out of all the ridiculous things in that conversation, that one hurt the worst. I can't believe how friends and family have changed or shown wh they are since my wife died. I do have wonderful siblings though.....just a vent. I don't know how my family outside myself and three children has remained intact after all the effed up input and opinions over the last four years. Furious! Thanks guys...

These types of insensitive comments pop up in various conversations I have with people and it makes me wince every time. However I decided that I don't waste energy on it other than that brief flash of WTF. Then it's whatever and I move on. I chalk it up to their inability to be truly sensitive or even logically think about what they are actually saying. If I reacted every time this happened to me, I'd probably have been committed for going postal on them. Vent away!

A friend refers to this as mouth in overdrive, brain in neutral.

Thanks Julester and Soloact for the replies, I guess I need some validation! And these days, this is the only place I can get it. Y'alls comments mean the world to me. I know that you care, and you know that I care, and that keeps me up for another day. That comparison that I threw out there has been done to death, but it shocks and hurts the widowed ears every time.

Totally the same!  Except for that whole dead instead of alive thing!  Minor detail....



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