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The Old divorce comparison

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I inadvertently hit the report to moderator button!

How to undo?

This reminded me of something someone posted long ago.  I wrote it down because I thought it was really good.  I wish I knew who posted it because I would love to give them credit, but unfortunately I don't.

"The death of a human being is a distinction worthy to stand alone and is not comparable to divorce.

A compassionate person knows the difference, and does not compete.  But tries to understand.

I pray our society truly has not regressed so far that the major difference between the two cannot readily be identified!"

We always get those kinds of comments. We were sitting in a group and someone said I wish he was dead at least i will get the closure and not have to fight with him every time. I am liking seriously I would give everything to have one more fight with my DW. She just said sorry and we dropped the topic.

Think is separated, divorced , break up is so common to find in all age groups where as our case is kind of unique. I do understand they have to go thru some of the stuff which we don't but why compare.


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