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The Old divorce comparison

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People are idiots.  I used to be a nice person.
Now I pretty muxh hate people

Right Mizpah, it's the difference in disliking someone who's alive and loving someone who is not.....

This used to make me so angry, sometimes still does.  The mother of my son's friend who kept telling me she knew "exactly" what I was going through and wanted to meet for coffee so she could share tips on being a single mom, then proceeded to tell me that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and every other weekend were best for her because her kids would be with their Dad. Yup, exactly the same.

Yeah, THAT could bring to mind a long string of profanity. Please!

My own MIL pulled that on me that she could understand how it's like being a single parent because Josh's dad would travel for work. I know how that is like because Josh was a consultant and I often was the only one with the kids for long stretches on my own (4-5 days a week for 4 years was the longest contract) but losing my spouse - my lover,my best friend, my partner, father to my children who was always a part of our lives forever gone? She doesn't know how that's like and she likes to compete that her grief is worse than mine. This frustration will never go away so I have to employ tactics so I'm not angry all the time. Takes so much energy to be mad.


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