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Confusing and redundant title, but seems fitting.  I've not been responding as much I'd like, but things have been crazy: Today is moving day!  Four plus years ago I moved in with NG (a widower), and what followed were a couple of really, really difficult years, causing me emotional pain that rivaled in magnitude and effect some of what I experienced after DH's death.  Trite, cliche "common wisdom" told me that things that are bad usually get worse, but for us, things improved, and whatever held us together in the dark days has really paid off, and I'm so glad we didn't give up. 

Today we leave the house he shared with his DW, the only home our young daughter has ever known, and we move into OUR house.  Change is so jarring, and I'm terrible at change, I hate it (yes, even positive change - maybe I'm a little stodgy), but even with that overlay, I'm so excited and so deep down grateful for this new beginning that is not an actual beginning. 

I was at the wine shop looking for a mini bottle of bubbly to celebrate closing (which took place on Valentine's Day, which also happens to be the wedding anniversary of the (now deceased) couple we bought the house from), and next to the counter was a display of a white wine labeled "Clean Slate."  I don't believe the past disappears from a simple change of location, but each big change is an opportunity.
 That Clean Slate is now in our fridge waiting for us to get there to join and enjoy it. 

Where's the LIKE LIKE LIKE button on here???!!!

So happy for you Mizpah!  Enjoy!

So happy for all of you, widowed soul sister!  Its been a privilege to be a virtual party to these exciting developments, and we wish you all of the happiness and peace you so very much deserve!  oxoxox

PS. I am coming to visit. 

I'm coming to visit, too!  I think you are going to have to host a bago!



Congratulations! A clean slate is a wonderful thing, I wish you many happy years in your new home.


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