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Re: On line dating vents and laughs......
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I guess I never elaborated on my situation. I found someone I really truly like. He's a gentlemen and he's patient with me and even did his best to call me out on some of my fears since I'm still in that hesitant mode but in a polite non-offensive way. We're compatible and have a good amount of similar interests. We've talked pretty openly and it's going in a good direction. This has been for about 2 months now.

I caught his interest by accident. I felt the need to update my dating profile because a trip to the doctor has revealed that I need a hysterectomy so if a guy had a wish to still have children, I can't have kids anymore. So I had to change my status saying I didn't want any more children as I was previously undecided. No need to get anyone's hopes up. This tiny change alerted him since we were matched weeks ago but never contacted nor sorted the other out. Still it had him look at my profile and contact me. We text and call often. He's divorced with kids and has them every other week so we have to plan accordingly. My kids know and have given their blessing to have him over so we can do boring adult things like hang out and watch TV, maybe cook together. Going out is fun but we seem to be homebodies so a homebody activity may be just what we need. LOL. My 14 y.o. gave me my own lecture back to me, "You can have boys over but no touchy feely business and they can't go upstairs!"

I had tried with another guy who I was talking with since October but he's moved on, I think. He's just too busy with 2 jobs and checking on aged parents and other family in the area. He was also divorced and a great guy but our schedules never seem to mesh and I honestly tried to be a little more open and affectionate to him (hugs and a quick peck here or there impromptu) but got nothing but a brotherly hug back. I think that's why I was became reserved with the guy I am seeing now. I think it made me less likely to open to show any type of affection.


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Re: On line dating vents and laughs......
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A single friend of mine shared this article, and I’ve seen people on here talk about dealing with this type of bad behavior, so thought it might be of some interest in this thread.
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