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Dating For The First Time In TWENTY Years!


I went online in search of a date 9 months after being widowed. I did it not out of any interest in dating but as a preemptive strike. I foresaw that after a full year of widowhood some well-meaning person was going to cock his or her head and ask; “Have you thought about dating?” Like a good boy scout, I was going to be prepared. I never felt guilty about dating, (I suppose knowing what he wanted for me helped with that), I did feel angry however....

TWW your blog post was terrific! Thanks for sharing.  You made me laugh out loud with “the penis embargo.”
Haha interesting way to put it!!
I haven't ventured into any dating at almost 5 years. Another statement you made regarding your check off list struck me as so true is "In fact there really was only one item: don’t hurt me."  I guess my heart is just too tender for it yet.

@BrokenHeart2 thank you for your words and candor. I've discovered there is no timeline and absolutely nothing to gain from rushing or pushing yourself. Listen to your heart and your gut. I don't think I was really ready when I started to date but I felt I needed to get back on the horse before I became too frightened.

P.S. It's been 6 weeks and the embargo is holding strong!  :)


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