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O.T. So much for a simple normal year-Crazy dream again

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Moved back to my childhood hometown 19 months ago. Smaller house, better schools..Got a teaching job a county away so I could have “normal” hours and live a “ normal quiet” life with my kids.

Well every public school in WV is now shut down and teachers are on strike. I’ve been to the State Capitol for the past 2 days along with about 10 thousand other teachers in the state protesting.

Every street corner in town is lined with teachers every tiny town. My kids are bummed..
I support what they are doing..but I’m a first year teacher and this year has been anything but smooth! Maybe I need to go back into another field.

Anyway had a dream last night that DH and I were jumping out of airplanes..parachuting down into fields..It was exhilarating! We jumped 3 or 4 times with every time I landed it felt awesome. So I guess the symbolism of the dream was not to worry...whatever happens I will be ok. Ugh!

Day 7 of every single public school in WV being closed.

Pickets everywhere....been to the Capitol everyday since Thursday.

Crooked politics coming unglued in WV...This is the kinda stress I felt during my early days of widowhood.

Feel like I am living in an alternative reality.

So sorry to hear you're feeling so unsettled.  That sucks. 

I'm a teacher here in CA - (And therefore have no idea what is happening in the real world) - What are your teachers striking over?

I was surprised when the news said this morning that you were still striking, I was hoping it really would be resolved by now.  😔

Sorry it's having such a negative effect on you, hopefully it will be settled soon!!

Started out over insurance and low pay.

Ended up becoming a huge mess of an incompetent Governor..polarized Senate and corruption.They are calling for every WVian to be at the Capitol tomorrow.

Hell they may end up burning the place down. I’m staying home.


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