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Tough Week


This is a start of a difficult week for me.  Today would have been our 13th anniversary and Wednesday would have been my wife's 39th birthday.  I also learned that one of my best friends since grade school is out of options for his cancer treatment and now only has a short time left.  I am lucky to have family visiting to keep me occupied this week.  This used to be my favorite time of the year and now it is filled with sadness.  I wish she was still here. 

My heart goes out to you!  What a difficult week for sure.  I am grateful that you have your family as well.  It is true what you said, that the times that meant the most are now the hardest.  My birthday and anniversary are back to back, so I understand completely!

We are here for you, so just keep posting!

Sending hugs.  So so sorry you had to join us here


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