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Third year anni approaching

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I've been thinking a lot about this post lately - as my 3rd yr is coming up also....
And while most days are rough.....  This upcoming date is a "landmark" date....
And I think sometimes we give the calendar too much power...  My experience has been that as the landmark dates come and go, they are ordinary days, maybe a little rougher than regular days, but in the end, they only have the power we give them.

So, my advice to myself (I wouldn't dare tell anyone here how to live or think....)  is to not give power to the calendar, but to love my husband and miss him, and honor him every day. 

God bless us all in this hell of pain and loss..... 

God bless us all in this hell of pain and loss.

Love that.  Yes.

Today is our wedding anniversary (eight years) and his birthday (28). Rough day. Painful. I miss him.

Hugs Ruth!

I am so sorry you have to be here. February was rough on me with her birthday, our anniversary and Valentines day all in the same week. Let the pain wash over and through you. You will get to the other side.


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