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Re: Purging
« Reply #15 on: March 11, 2018, 11:08:19 AM »
Now comes the harder stuff to purge. She kept a shoebox for every year of her life since middle school. Each one labeled and filled with memories, photos, menus, ticket stubs etc.

Wow. To me, that sounds like an awesome interactive art installation of some sort. Like- a time capsule of what the average person’s life was like during all those well-documented years...couldn’t you offer the collection to the Smithsonian or something...or would that feel too invasive? I’m just so impressed by her diligence.
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Re: Purging
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Haven't even hegun purging. His jeans are still hanging in the bathroom. At 18 months I finally took down the shirt hanging in the bathroom (what he was going to wear the next day the last night he was home) and sent it to my friend who made a pillow out of it. But at almost 22 months still can't move anything
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Re: Purging
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Started little bit yesterday after 19 months by taking her clothes out and asking DD to select what she wants and rest can be donated. Big step but trying to finally take it.


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Re: Purging
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It's great to see you post, hikermom!

I wish you the best, I sold my house and moved last year. I purge bit by bit, and tell myself that in order to make room for the future, clutter needs to go.

One suggestion is to take the photos someplace that will scan them and then have them made into a book.

You deserve the best, and I hope you find it.